Who We Are

We are Border Collie, Dog Sport, Canine Health and Nutrition enthusiasts located in East Texas, an hour North of Houston. We currently share our lives with 9 Border Collies, a Labrador Retriever, an Australian Shepherd and a Parson Russell Terrier. Our dogs compete in a variety of performance sports: Dock Diving, Frisbee and Agility being our passion. We live on a small farm with a few chickens and on our days off, thats most likely where you'll find us!! We enjoy long walks with our dogs on our property and find theres no better way to end the day! Our dogs are our life and we wouldn't want it any other way. 

Lee and I met in college, where we always talked about the day we would finally graduate, get married and adopt our first dog. We have been involved in dogs and dog sports since bringing home our first dog, a rescue Lab named Maddie. Maddie and I enjoyed one obedience class together and we enjoyed working together so much that I decided to try agility with her, then we were hooked! We tried everything from Dock Diving to Nosework and enjoyed it all!

Soon, our pack began to grow, expanding to several new members and finally, our first Border Collie. All of our dogs hold a very special place in our hearts. While Lee is a Lab man through and through, I find my heart lies with the Border Collie breed. All of our dogs are members of our family first and foremost. They are involved in almost everything we do. They travel with us, vacation with us, sleep in our bedroom at night, hang out with us on the property while were working and come to work with me every day; a few of them were even in our wedding as our attendants!!! I am a Dog Trainer by profession and Lee is a Regional Sales Manager for a commercial baking pan company, we are very lucky to be able to live a comfortable life with our 4 legged children!!

Lee is the definition of an outdoorsman, he's always up to something outside! His true passions are hunting, fishing and golf. In fact, we met while playing on the same Golf team at Birmingham-Southern College. You can bet that anytime we are out on the boat, there are at least 4 dogs with us! Lee also enjoys taking his dog and his right hand, Tide out with him hunting. Occasionally I will go along as well to watch Lee and Tide work together. I've always found the human-canine partnership to be a beautiful thing and there is nothing I love more than watching a dog do what it was bred to do with the human they love most!!

Being a Dog Trainer and Dock Diving Instructor by profession, my dogs are a huge part of my career. They help me teach lessons in the form of demo's, distractions and confidence boosters. Having a confident pack can really help inspire less confident dogs to try things they might not normally be comfortable doing on their own. I am lucky enough to have many dogs to help me with these jobs! I also rely on them heavily to perform Service Dog tasks. I have had severe allergies all of my life, however in the past few years I developed severe food allergies, extreme blood sugar fluctuations and vasovagal syncope. These issues became so severe that they began impeding my normal every day life and I found myself becoming ill quite often. In an effort to prevent these issues from affecting my life so adversely, my doctor advised that I start training one of my dogs to alert me to my anaphylaxis and blood sugar fluctuations. I am grateful to have several dogs who take this job very seriously and who over the past two years have made my life much easier.

All of our dogs enjoy training and competing in sports. We are highly active in disc, agility, herding and dock diving and there is nothing we enjoy more than playing with our dogs. We believe in creating the versatile border collie that can do it all, which is why all of our dogs are active in several different sports instead of just one. We also believe that a good temperament is the highest priority in a breeding program and we strive to produce dogs who can compete at the highest level of sports, have the endurance and stamina to physically be able to work all day as needed, but can also settle, live in our home easily, and perform Service work for me. Structure and health is also one of our highest priorities and we strive to produce puppies that will have long, healthy, happy lives! All of our dogs are trained with the basics of Service Dog work, Public Access training (basically socialization on steroids!), disc, agility and dock. 

We occasionally have border collie puppies available, however because it is so important to us that they receive the best possible start to life, we only have one litter at a time and we do not breed very often. We feel it is the best way to ensure that our dogs are happy, healthy and thriving. They are always family members and competitors first and we appreciate that our puppy buyers are patient! If you are interested in a puppy from one of our breedings, it is best to start communication with us now instead of waiting. All of our puppies are typically spoken for before the breeding even takes place, however we may have an extra spot or two available if our girls surprise us with a larger litter! All of the dogs in our program are health tested before being considered for breeding (including CEA/CH, TNS, CL, IGS, DM, MDR1 and OFA and/or PennHip of Hips, Shoulders, Elbows and Patellas). All of the dogs in our program must be structurally and mentally sound before even being considered. 

We also occasionally have older dogs or rescues available and are very active in herding dog rescue. We encourage everyone to look through your local breed specific rescues as many times there are wonderful dogs who have ended up there through no fault of their own! Many times, families bring home border collies without realizing the needs of this brilliant breed and end up with more on their plate than they can handle. These dogs all deserve a wonderful and loving home.

We love our breed and try to preserve and protect it in every way we can. We strive to produce a versatile, healthy, driven Border Collie that will excel in performance but also be an amazing companion. We do not take breeding lightly and want to place every puppy in the perfect home. Our puppy matching process is a bit more unique and is not a "first come, first serve" process. We aim to match each puppy with the home best suited for them and for that reason, we wait until 6.5-7 weeks old before we finalize our puppy matches. We feel this is the best way to ensure the perfect match and we appreciate our puppy buyers patience! 

Thank you for learning a bit more about our family and our program. Please contact us for more info about our dogs, upcoming litters, available dogs or to schedule a time to come meet us and our pack!

Thanks so much for visiting, 
Bri and Lee