Nutrition and Supplements

One question we get asked time and time again is what food and supplements we feed our dogs to keep them in top physical condition. While it is important to keep in mind that every dog is different and that what may work for some will not work for all, it is one of the top priorities in our program to provide our dogs and puppies with the best nutritional start possible. On this page we hope to answer some of the commonly asked questions. Please keep in mind that we are not veterinarians, however we are constantly working with our 4 trusted veterinarians to maintain a strong and healthy balance of meals and supplements for the dogs we are lucky enough to live with. 


We feed our dogs a mixture of different foods and believe that variety is the spice of life. We regularly feed a mix of high quality kibbles and dehydrated foods along with home made, pre made, prey model, BARF and freeze dried raw. We add fresh foods into their diets on a daily basis and believe in natural supplementation. Every dog has different needs, so chances are that we are regularly feeding 5-7 different kinds of foods at one time in order to allow the dogs to have regular variety while also meeting their specific needs. As new research is constantly being released, we are constantly learning new and better ways to care for the dogs we love. Please always feel free to ask us what our current feeding rotation is, we are nutrition "nerds" and always love talking about it!



We have been using Myos regularly for our competitive sport dogs as well as our aging older dogs and have never been happier with one specific product. We noticed a huge change in our dogs in only just a few months of use. We believe so much in this product that ALL of our dogs over 2 years of age are now being supplemented with it. Due to our happiness with the product we recently became an Ambassador for the product so that we could provide our Puppy owners and Students with the regular discounts offered by MYOS. Please feel free to take advantage of our discount code: SSBC20 if you are interested in trying it!


Omega's 3,6,9's

We regularly supplement with various forms of Omega's (fish oil) and will sometimes dose in forms of capsules or oils but tend to prefer natural sources from foods. Our favorites to feed are raw smelt, whiting, sardines, and salmon.

Vitamin C

We regularly supplement our dogs with Vitamin C for a multitude of reasons that can be found in this article: 

The Whole Dog Journal: Benefits of Vitamin C

We find that Vitamin C is one of the most important staples of our supplementation line and we start our puppies on it as soon as they come home and continue to supplement through their lifetime.


Glucosamine and Chondroitin

All of our competing and retired dogs are supplemented with a Glucosamine and Chondroitin product. We follow the recommendation of our holistic sports vet and use Dasuquin for dogs over 7 years old and Cosequin for dogs between the ages of 2 and 7.


Golden Paste

We use Golden Paste for its natural antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. We use it regularly for our older dogs and as needed for our younger sport dogs.

Dogs Naturally: Golden Paste Recipe

Bone Broth

We supplement on occasion with Homemade Bone Broth for our dogs. We tend to use it frozen in the summer and then give straight from the crock pot in the cold winter months! 

Dogs Naturally: Bone Broth


Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Fresh Fruits and Veggies and why your dog should have them