Reef X Twizzle 2020

About this litter...

We are thrilled to announce our Co-Breeding of Reef (Joey x Tex 2016) and Twizzle in collaboration with Heelalong Border Collies. This litter will be whelped and raised by our good friend (and Twizzles owner) Cathy Irvine but will be raised with our same protocols and dedication. We know that in breeding we have limits to how many litters we are capable of whelping and raising each year and we are so thankful that we could pair with Cathy to make this breeding happen! This litter is expected to be bred in Fall of 2020 and we expect these puppies to be rough coated and all tricolor. Puppies will be registered through AKC. These puppies should be athletic and biddable and be able to excel in Agility, Dock, Disc, Flyball, and Obedience. 


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Meet the Parents!

Cyclone's Heelalong Terpsichore NA NAJ

Date of Birth: 8/07/2016
Color: Black Tricolor
Coat: Rough
Height: 18 inches
Weight: 36lbs

Health Testing (Click HERE to go to OFA)

CEA/CH: Normal
TNS: Normal
CL: Normal
IGS: Normal
DM: Normal
MD1R: Normal
EAOD: Clear


OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
OFA Shoulders: Normal

Twizzle is an amazing, strong, powerful girl in a teeny tiny package! She is loads of spunk and athleticism and we so enjoyed getting to know her! Twizzle reminds us much of our Shine, and so naturally we adore her! She is fast and powerful on the agility field while also an awesome companion at home. We are so excited to be able to have Twizzle in our program!

Here is what Twizzle's owner has to say about her!

"If you are familiar with the Heelalong lines, Twizzle has the typical Heelalong personality - driven, funny and resilient.  As a pup, we focused on tricks to build our relationship, work ethic, thinking, offering behaviors and attention span.  This was all very natural for her from the day she came home.  She learned to settle quickly in the house and let her energy out during play and work sessions.  Our trick work fed well into her introduction to agility.  She works hard and is tireless with great focus, a desire to always be right and to please me.  Her athleticism, confidence and intensity are always on display.  Whether it be a conditioning exercise or agility, she does it with brilliance, enthusiasm and speed.  We have been unable to play our game for the past year and yet she has adapted quite well.  We were just coming together as a team, so I am very much looking forward to getting back into our normal training and the journey that lies ahead.  Characteristics that she has impressed on me:  expressive, affectionate, snuggly, and intelligent.  She has solid structure, bone to support muscle and builds muscle pretty easily.  Twizzle loves her jobs and will complete her job at all costs.  For as much as she loves agility, working with me, regardless of activity, is her main focus.  As long as we are working together, she does her job with intensity, drive and enthusiasm.  She is very attentive to me and our bond is unbreakable.  Twizzle loves all things, including a propensity for herding birds.  While she loves all people, she is my girl and prefers me over anything else - following me everywhere at all times.  She is funny and makes me laugh.  Twizzle has added so much joy to my life and always puts a smile on my face!"

To learn more about Twizzle, please visit her Page!


Date of Birth: 6/10/2016
Color: Black Tricolor
Coat: Rough
Height: 21.75 inches
Weight: 40lbs

Health Testing (Click HERE to go to OFA)

CEA/CH: Normal by parentage
TNS: Normal by parentage 
CL: Normal by parentage 
IGS: Normal by parentage 
DM: Normal by parentage
MD1R: Normal by parentage
SN: Normal by parentage
BCG: Normal

BAER: Normal
CERF/CAER: Normal 
Cardiac: Normal

OFA Hips: Excellent
OFA Elbows: Normal
OFA Shoulders: Normal
OFA Patellas: Normal

Reef is one of our co-owns from our Tex X Joey 2016 litter

Here is what Reef’s owner, Nichole has to say about Reef!

“To know Reef, is to love him. Reef exudes confidence and power in everything he does, and he also happens to have the most contagious happy personality you can find. From the moment Reef was born there was a spark in my heart and I knew he would be mine. As a puppy Reef was very mature, but never failed to light up any room he walked into with his huge personality. He has always been boasting with confidence from day one, he will fearlessly work with purpose on any task in any environment or situation. Growing up, Reef has been nothing short of phenomenal, he has excelled at every task thrown his way with total ease and confidence. At his first dock diving competition Reef (at 10 months old) popped out jumps over 16 feet with ease, and with little practice he began hitting jumps of 20+ feet! When he was 15 months old he earned an invite to North America Diving Dog Nationals in both the Open Masters Division and the Air Retrieve Senior Division. He ended up tying for 8th place in AR Senior with his dad Tex with a 17 foot snag!! He still is rocking the dock holding a best in distance of 23'6" and a best in AR of 21'! He competed in HydroDash for the first time in February of 2020 and became the first BC to qualify in HD for HD!! Reef has proven to be a force to reckon with in all venues he trains and competes in, which includes Dock Diving, Flyball, Disc, Rally/Obedience, and Herding. Reef debuted in flyball in the summer of 2018 easily posting sub 4 second times consistently with his best time being a 3.8!! On stock Reef is a looser eyed dog but with all the intensity, work ethic, and biddability of a strong sheep dog, I have hopes to compete in herding with him if we have the chance. While working Reef gives 100% and is always ready to go; but when in the house Reef has an off switch like no other. He is able to go from 100 to zero in no time, and loves relaxing around the house on our rest days. Another great quality is that he has never met a stranger! Reef loves every person he’s met, children being some of his favorites, he is so gentle with young kids, and loves to play fetch with them. In addition to loving people, Reef loves all other animals as well. He is friendly and sweet around dogs, cats, chickens, horses, and other livestock animals. He is very respectful of other animals space and reads situations very well. Reef has even picked up on some of his sire's qualities in alerting me to cuts/injuries on myself and has even brought injuries on other people or animals to my attention. Reef has a very sweet and nurturing aspect to him, and will do anything to make someone having a bad day laugh. He is the perfect package: confident and powerful yet still sweet and funny all wrapped up in one handsome dog. This boy is my absolute everything and I would love this dog no matter what we did in life, as long as he is by my side.”

Twizzle x Reef

SoStar's Deep in the Sea


OFA Excellent

Rafter W Don't Mess With Texas


OFA Good

Scout ABC 90772

OFA Good

Lazy Ms Bet ABC 164851

Bo ABC 296521

CS Skye ABC 258097

Haven's Need For Speed


OFA Good

Patch ABC 187985

Mag's Lass ABC 214022

Gracie ABC 327516

Jake ABC 294656

Rosy ABC 289339

CH OTCH MACH2 Sealite's Leading Man VCD3 UDX6 OM5 HSAs HSBs HIBs HXBs MXG MJG XF DL91301901

CH OTCH Detania Top Hat and Tails UDX7 DL61501601

CH Greatglen Jasmine CDX DL 68794601

CH Brackenhill Loyal and True DN09291601

TC Gymbaroo Tried and True UDX5 RAE DL 83885701

CH Brackenhill Tiny Tartan DL 84787501

DC Glenaugus TX Twister O Jijin OA NAJ NAP NJP NF NFP DN 04607903

CH Bessamour D'Ltan Azure CDX HS DL61129301

Gleanaugus Princess Saraceen HSAs DL 88507101