Jumpstart Just Like You Only Prettier AJ DMA DS


Date of Birth: 6/25/2017
Color: Black and white
Coat: Rough
Height: 17 inches
Weight: 30lbs

Health Testing (Click HERE to go to OFA)

CEA/CH: Normal by parentage
TNS: Normal by parentage 
CL: Normal by parentage 
IGS: Normal by parentage 
DM: Normal by parentage
MD1R: Normal by parentage


CERF/CAER: Normal 
Cardiac: TBD

OFA Hips: Excellent 
OFA Elbows: Normal
OFA Shoulders: Normal
OFA Patellas: Normal


Meet Shine!

Shine is our incredible girl from Jumpstart Border Collies in GA. Shine is from strict herding lines, her Dam is a lovely import from Aled Owens lines and her sire is a succesful trial dog owned by Dwight Parker. When we brought Shine home we were looking for intensity, power and drive and boy did we get what we wanted! Shine is an amazing, intense little dog, standing only 17 inches at the shoulders and 30 lbs total, but she is a rocket in a tiny body with incredible hops for the disc, incredible land speed and the power to jump over 23 feet on the dock! Shine is one of the happiest dogs we've ever owned and enjoys doing literally anything and everything! If you ever meet her you will get the honor of seeing her full body wag that cracks everyone up! There is nothing this little girl won't give us and she is a phenomenally biddable dog. Shine is one of our highest energy dogs, but still has an incredible off switch in the house and can snuggle like no ones business. While Shine is still young, she is one of my main Service Dog prospects to replace Tex and Dallas once they retire. She works part time right now and has the incredible intuitive nature that reminds us much of our Dallas. Shine is the kind of dog who gives every job and task 100% of her effort no matter wether it is hanging out on the couch, dock diving, herding, disc or service work, Shines your girl for it all! She is absolutely phenomenal with our daughter and can tone down her intensity to snuggle. Shine has NEVER met a stranger and adores every person she meets and is neutral with other dogs. In our pack she adores playing, tugging and racing the other dogs. On the dock and the disc field Shine is a MACHINE who gives 100% of her effort all of the time. Shine has also had a small amount of training in Flyball and has proven she will be an absolute blast in the lanes!! She has a beautiful, snappy turn and ADORES this sport. She is confident and driven with very high working and toy drive. My favorite quality about Shine is that she is a phenomenal team player and adores doing ANYTHING that we can do together. She is honest and biddable and genuinely enjoys just being with her family and playing with her mom. Shine has had limited exposure to stock but she is a promising young dog with talent, style and loads of eye. We hope to make herding a part of our lives again soon so that we can show off this girls talent! We are incredibly excited about this young girls future and cannot wait to really get going with her! She is one of the most fun dogs we've ever had the pleasure of playing with!

2018 Personal Best of 23'9" (as of 8/12/18) with NADD
2018 Competes in NADD Nationals 

Photos of Shine

Videos of Shine

Dock Diving