Curious about how our puppies are raised? We take the utmost care into making sure our litters are raised with the best care possible, giving them the best possible start to their young lives. Our puppies are well socialized starting at birth, they encounter new surfaces, smells, sights, sounds and experiences throughout their puppyhood with us. They are taught problem solving, free shaping and basic feedback skills. Once they are confident on their feet, they start navigating new and wobbly obstacles, as well as learn to play in our adventure box! Socializing isn't just central to Southern Star Ranch, the puppies go many places and acclimate to new environments (including urban, rural and suburban areas) all before they leave! We also begin potty training as soon as they begin walking and crate training at 6 weeks old. They are exposed to car rides, traveling and many new places! They are exposed to other species such as cats, pet rats, horses and, livestock other healthy and appropriate dogs. Check out our videos to peak into a day in the life of one of our puppies!