Date of Birth: 4/6/2012
Color: Black and White
Coat: Rough
Height: 20.5 inches
Weight: 36lbs

Health Testing (Click HERE to go to OFA)

CEA/CH: Normal
TNS: Normal
CL: Normal
IGS: Normal
DM: Normal
MD1R: Normal
SN: Normal


Cardiac: Normal

OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
OFA Shoulders: Normal
OFA Patellas: Normal
PennHIP: 80th Percentile


Tex is available to approved bitches

Meet Tex!

About Tex

Tex is our phenomenally talented, handsome, driven and sweet, adrenaline junky of a boy! I was lucky enough to be blessed with Tex as my first border collie, he has been an amazing team mate and partner and I am so lucky to have him in my life. His drive, determination and athleticism compliment his sweet, funny spunky nature. Tex has always been a character, in puppyhood he was thoughtful and wise, as an adult he remains brilliant and driven, but with a goofy confidence about him. . He matured quickly, eager to try every new activity, sport, exercise and task I threw at him. Tex could easily be described as an "over achiever", he was a prodigy as a puppy, quickly grasping any exercise or task. He began competing in Dock Diving at only 5 months old, achieving jumps over 13 feet! In his first Skyhoundz disc competition at 14 months old, he earned an invite to the Skyhoundz World Championships by winning Bullseye with a score of 52 points. Soon, Tex was unstoppable in many different venues. Tex currently trains and competes in Agility, Dock Diving, Herding, Canine Disc and Rally Obedience. He is a phenomenal demo dog and is used regularly to help teach group obedience and behavioral lessons. Tex is also my main "show stopper", as a professional dog trainer, it is a huge benefit to me to have a dog like Tex who is so reliable, enthusiastic and down right flashy in his obedience, tricks and working ability. He loves to show off and loves to make people smile. Tex is always my last dog (the show stopper!) to use any time we perform a demo, perform at half time shows or entertain anyone. There is no atmosphere that he can't work in, fairs, schools, expos, andbasketball games with bands; Tex has done it all.  He absolutely loves working with his mom and performing, one of his favorite parts of our show is when he gets to play frisbee with kids! He is always eager to play, but incredibly gentle when he returns the disc to them and will even place it right in their hands! The crowds always love Tex's favorite trick, the handstand, and Tex runs faster and jumps higher when he's performing in front of a crowd!
His current Dock Diving Personal Best is 27 feet. He currently competes in the Masters level of AKC agility and has earned an invite to the Skyhoundz World Championships 3 years in a row. Tex also serves as a part time Service Dog, serving back up to our other male, Dallas. Tex has also trained on stock and has a fantastic level of instinct. He has a lot of eye and a lot of power over his stock. He is an eager worker with a no quit attitude. He is the kind of dog who can keep his cool under extreme pressure, maintain control of his stock, and do it with a bit of style too! Tex debuted in his first herding trial in February of 2016 with a PERFECT weekend, going 2/2 in his runs and earning 2 legs towards his Started Sheep title. He is a powerful dog with a no quit attitude and he handles his stock with the utmost confidence. There is no task Tex cannot handle and he attempts every command with enthusiasm and focus.  There is no dog that can compare to Tex's working ability, personality, build, beauty and strength. He is truly a once in a lifetime dog. One of my favorite traits in Tex is the amount of heart he puts into everything he does. In fact, many people who watch Tex compete in disc have nicknamed him "Thunder hooves" because he hits the ground running so hard. His ground speed is nothing short of incredible and he consistently places in agility and disc amongst the fastest dogs in the world. He gives 100% in everything ever asked of him and his work ethic cannot be topped. However, Tex's best trait by far is his loving, happy and exuberant nature. He never fails to make me smile and can pick me up on the worst of days with one goofy, happy smile. Even if Tex never worked, performed or competed another day in his life, he'd still be my favorite dog and best friend. He has several favorite songs that he often sings along to for me on the way to work, he is the best singer I know! His contagious exuberance for life, incredible work ethic and "carpe diem" attitude is something we hope to pass down for many generations of border collies to come!

2013 Skyhoundz World Championships Finalists, Bullseye
2014 Skyhoundz Discdogathon High Score for Time Trial (16.22 seconds)
2014 Skyhoundz Discdogathon High Score for Bullseye (56 points)
2014 Skyhoundz World Championship Finalist, Bullseye 9th place, Time Trial 6th place, Xtreme Classic 6th place, Xtreme Unlimited 8th place
2014 Ultimate Air Dogs Dogtoberfest Dock Diving Champion at 25 feet 4 inches
2015 Skyhoundz World Championship Finalist Xtreme Light 7th place, Xtreme Classic 9th place
2015 Skyhoundz Discdogathon Highscore for Time Trial (15.00 Seconds)
2015 NADD Dock Diving National Championships Masters Finalist
2016 Debuts in his first Herding Trial with a PERFECT Weekend earning 2 Qualifying scores and a 3rd place 
2016 Skyhoundz World Championship LCQ Time Trial Champion
2016 Skyhoundz World Championship Finalist
2016 North American Diving Dogs National Championships Finalist, Top 10
2016 Tex earns his HSAs title going 3/3 in his first trials!
2017 NADD/AKC Dock Diving Jumps new Personal Best of 25'6 and places First in the Elite Finals of the Karma K9 Kickoff
2017 NADD/AKC Dock Diving Jumps new Personal Best of 25'9 and Earns and Elite Invite to AKC North American Diving Dogs National Championships!
2017 Qualifies for Eukanuba Performance Games, Places 4th with a new Personal Best of 27 feet 6 inches!
 2017 North American Diving Dogs National Championships Finalist, Top 10 Air Retrieve
2017 North America Diving Dogs Ranked #3 Border Collie in Open and #5 Border Collie in Air Retrieve
2017 Ranked 7th fastest Border Collie in AKC FAST CAT
2018 #7 Air Retrieve Border Collie in NADD
2018 NADD Nationals Senior Air Retrieve 7th place!
2018 NADD Nationals Master Reserve Champion!!
2019 NADD #9 Air Retrieve Border Collie
2019 NADD/AKC National Championships Top Ten Finalist (Masters 7th place) 

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